Order the first three books of the Dubois Files, as a set: The Secret Cellar, The Hitchhiker, The ABZ Affair

The books will be mailed as close to March 31, 2018 as possible (a Saturday, so it may be April 2), and can only be pre-ordered in paper as a set of three. This includes The Secret Cellar, The Hitchhiker, and The ABZ Affair. Pre-ordered books will be signed by Joan H. Young, author, and Linda J. Sandow, cover artist!

Please email me, Joan H. Young, with the following information. It would help me a lot if you would cut and paste this list, and then put your answers beside the questions.

email jhyshark@gmail.com with Dubois Preorder in the subject line

Required info:
How many SETS are you ordering?
Your Name:
Your Address:
Alternate name(s) and address(es) for shipping if applicable:
To whom do you want the books signed? (example- set 1 to Zack & Mary, set 2 to Isabel)
How are you paying (Paypal or check)?
    paypal email is same as above. If you are sending a check, send to Joan H. Young, 861 W US 10, Scottville, MI 49454.
How much total money are you sending?

Costs: $24 for each SET of three books (a savings of $3 over individual prices). $6 per set for shipping and handling. $1.44 tax per set to Michigan addresses.

One set that you know I can hand deliver is $25.44
One set to Michigan address is $31.44
One set to non-Michigan (US) address is $30.00
Two sets to different Michigan addresses is $62.88
Two sets to different non-Michigan (US) address is $60.00
Two sets to one Michigan address is $60.00
Two sets to one non-Michigan (US) address is $58.00
More than two sets to any ONE (US) address, add $25.00 per set (I'll deal with tax and shipping)
contact me for international shipping, or wait for the e-books!

I will notify you by email when I have received your money, and to verify your order.

Still have questions?
email jhyshark@gmail.com

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